Application Deadlines

Start Term: Fall 2021

SOE Application opens: Jan. 12, 2021

Deadline: April 30, 2021

Admission Requirements

  • 2.5 GPA
  • Essay
  • Resume

GPA Requirement

The recommended minimum grade point average to apply to the Human Organizational Leadership and Development program is 2.5. We take a holistic approach to admissions and recognize that a GPA reflects only one facet of a candidate’s preparation for acceptance into the HOLD program.

Personal Essay

Why are you interested in pursuing a degree in Human Organizational Leadership and Development (HOLD)? You may include educational, professional, volunteer, and personal experiences that contributed to your interest in learning about how to effectively problem solve and strategize in organizational settings and how these experiences expanded your knowledge of how people work and behave in groups, organizations, and communities. Your statement should also include your perspective of serving in diverse contexts. Discuss your professional goals and describe how a degree in HOLD will prepare you for accomplishing those goals.


A standard resume is required. Career services can assist you with preparing a resume. Please be sure to include your experiences working with and leading organizations, either through work, volunteer efforts, and extra-curricular activities, along with the duration of each experience. For extra-curricular activities at UNC-Chapel Hill, describe any special roles you have fulfilled, such as being an officer or heading a committee. Some of this information could be included in your essay.

How to Apply

Transfer Applicants

The program is not current accepting transfer applicants from other institutions. HOLD will be begin accepting transfer application Fall 2022.

Internal Applicants

Students may apply after they’ve established a UNC cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. The HOLD will start accepting applicants for Fall 2021 starting January 2021.

To apply to the HOLD major, you must first request a major change within ConnectCarolina.

Once you have submitted the request to change your major in ConnectCarolina, you will receive an email from UNC’s application system, Slate, that includes a link to the online application. Please note that it may take 24-72 hours to receive the application email.

All application materials are submitted electronically. No hard copy materials are accepted. By submitting an application to the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education, consent is granted to university staff to obtain any additional or missing information as needed, including Campus Safety Information.

Review Process

Admissions decisions are made by the HOLD faculty on the basis of review of each applicant’s particular profile of strengths in relation to the program’s needs and capacity. Admitted students have different profiles. Some, for example, have extremely high grade point averages, whereas others have unusually strong service and professional interests related to HOLD, or strong potential for leading organizations, businesses, and communities.

Upon Admission

Students who are accepted, must accept their offer of admission in ConnectCarolina in order to officially declare the HOLD major. Students have until August of the admission year to accept their offer of admissions. We encourage students to accept or deny admissions with 14 days of notification. Early acceptance allows you to enroll in courses that are reserved for HOLD majors only.

Note: Potential applicants should keep in mind that due to course availability as the program comes online, students will not be able to graduate with a HOLD major before spring 2023.