The Music Education program combines advanced musical training and performance experiences with studies about music, children, communities and schools. In addition, you will participate in a year-long, in-school mentored experience with a public school teacher in a classroom setting.

A track record of career success

During the past 20 years, 100% of our graduates who have sought a teaching job have been successful in finding a position. Our graduates, more than 80% over the past 30 years, teach in public schools in the U.S. and abroad, enroll in graduate programs and teach in colleges and universities, become principals and superintendents, pursue education-related careers in various fields, perform professionally, serve in churches and teach in private schools and studios.

Musically engaged

At Carolina, our students are active in organizations like Musical Empowerment and other service groups, student ensembles and theatre productions and serve in leadership roles in departmental ensembles and classrooms.