Current Program of Study

The program of studies, i.e., the courses and curriculum for an undergraduate degree in K-12 Music Education, is made up of 4 parts:

Pedagogy Courses

The following 15 credit hours are required for all K-12 Music Education students and are taught in the Department of Music.

  • MUSC 168: Basic Conducting, 3 hrs
  • MUSC 226: Winds and Percussion Techniques, 3 hrs
  • MUSC 227: Strings, Piano and Voice Techniques, 3 hrs
  • MUSC 228: Advanced Problems, 3 hrs
  • MUSC 309: Advanced Lessons in Conducting, 3 hrs

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Core Education Courses

The following Core Education Requirements are taught in the School of Education. These courses focus on educational foundations, child/student development and general pedagogy.

These classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters and must be taken together.

  • EDUC 532: Introduction to Development and Learning, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 615: Schools and Community Collaboration, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 689: Foundations of Special Education, 3 hrs

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Student Teaching

Student Teaching courses are only offered in the spring semester.

  • EDUC 593: Student Teaching, 12 hrs

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Education Workshop Seminar

Education Workshop Seminar courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters. You must complete two semesters of coursework (1 credit hour each).

  • EDUC 601: Education Workshops, 2 hrs

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