If you have not passed one of the three parts of the Praxis I examination, you may appeal for admission to teacher education. If you meet the criteria and agree to the conditions, the Dean of the School of Education will send your appeal to the State Board of Education for consideration. The appeal process is a new statewide policy as of June 2006. The teacher education programs at the UNC campuses have agreed on a common set of criteria for policy implementation. Please read the criteria and conditions carefully, then fill out the form on the next page, attach required documents, and submit your appeal through the School of Education Director of Student Affairs.


  1. An overall GPA of at least 3.0 at your current campus.
  2. Evidence of having taken the problematic test at least 3 times.
  3. A total best score across the three Praxis I tests that matches or exceeds the total of the minimum scores of each section (522) and a score on the problematic test that is no more than 3 points below its minimum score.
  4. Evidence of having passed a different test in the area of Praxis weakness. This test evidence must be sufficient to demonstrate that you are qualified to successfully complete the teacher education program at UNC Chapel Hill.
  5. A well-written, well-edited, well-grounded description of the extenuating circumstances that you believe prevented you from passing the particular Praxis I test (e.g., a learning disability).


  1. You must attach an official transcript from UNC Chapel Hill and, if applicable, from other colleges or universities you have attended.
  2. You must submit copies of official scores for all the Praxis I tests you have taken.
  3. You must submit evidence of having passed a test in your area of weakness and an explanation about how that test and your score indicate satisfactory performance in the area of weakness. (A course grade cannot be used.) Students who are native speakers of a language other than English who have a weakness in language must provide the TOEFL score.
  4. You must submit documentation of the ways you’ve attempted to remediate your weakness (e.g., Praxis I
    workshops, practice booklets, Plato or other software packages, private tutoring, extra courses, etc.)
  5. You must submit a description and appropriate documentation of the extenuating circumstances that you believe prevented you from passing the particular Praxis I test.
  6. You must acknowledge that you understand the materials submitted to the State Board of Education are considered public records and are subject to disclosure under Chapter 132 of the North Carolina General Statutes.


  1. Fill out, print, and sign this form. Consult with the faculty member supporting your appeal about how to gather the documents and prepare your explanation of extenuating circumstances. Make this description one of the best pieces of writing you have ever produced.
  2. Attach the required documentation.
  3. Add explanations on top of the attached alternative test so that it is clear to the reviewers what the test was and how your score indicates satisfactory performance. Work with a faculty member to choose the test that best supports your appeal.
  4. Keep a copy of the entire packet.
  5. Give the assembled packet and this form to the Director of Student Affairs in the School of Education. Ask the Director of Student Affairs to contact you when she has made a decision about your appeal so that you may pick up the packet to move it to the next step.
  6. Take the assembled packet and this form to the Dean’s Office, in the School of Education.
  7. The Dean will review your appeal and decide whether he will support your appeal to the State Board of
    Education. If his review is positive, he will forward all materials to the State Board.
  8. The State Board of Education will review your appeal and make a final decision about your admission to teacher education. They will not review your appeal a second time, so make your appeal packet as strong as possible.