• Ph.D. 2017 – University of Southern California, Education Policy
  • M.A. 2016 – University of Southern California, Economics
  • M.P.P. 2012 – University of Southern California, Public Policy
  • B.A. 2007 – Scripps College, Economics and Politics

Areas of Expertise

  • District-level School Reform
  • Education Technology
  • Economics of Education
  • Social Networks Mixed Methods Research
  • Education Policy and Organizations


Dr. Hashim started her career in educational leadership, policy, and research in India, where she worked at a non-profit, philanthropic organization to develop various community-based programs in education. These initiatives included efforts to diagnose and treat autism, deliver online tutoring in mathematics to rural students and provide scholarships and after-school tutoring to at-risk youth for completing their secondary and post-secondary education. Following her work in India, Dr. Hashim pursued post-graduate degrees in public policy, economics, and education policy at the University of Southern California where she studied district-level school reform in underserved communities. Her research uses mixed methods to evaluate the impacts and implementation of popular reforms with goals of (1) modernizing instruction with technology, (2) expanding school choice for students, and (3) improving teacher quality through performance evaluation and coaching.


Dr. Hashim’s research focuses on district-level school reform aimed at improving student achievement in underserved communities, including popular initiatives to (1) modernize instruction with technology, (2) expand school choice for students, and (3) improve teacher quality through performance evaluation and coaching. A mixed-methods researcher, Ayesha draws on theories from economics, sociology, and organizational change to study the impacts of reforms on teacher and student outcomes, as well as leadership, organizational, and implementation conditions that shape these results. Much of Ayesha’s research has focused on the Public School Choice Initiative in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which paved the way for a wide range of autonomous school providers to operate in the district. Her work has been published in Education Finance and Policy, Economics of Education Review, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Computers and Education, and Peabody Journal of Education. She received the New Scholar Award in 2017 from the Association for Education Finance and Policy for her dissertation on how instructional coaches coordinate systemic change in a school district aiming to integrate technology with instruction of the Common Core State Standards. Ayesha received her B.A. from Scripps College, Master’s in Public Policy and M.A. in Economics from the University of Southern California (USC), and her Ph.D. in Urban Education Policy from the Rossier School of Education at USC.