• Ph.D. 2006 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Science Education
  • M.S. 2001 – University of California at San Francisco, Biomedical Science
  • B.S. 1998 – North Carolina State University, Science Education
  • B.S. 1998 – North Carolina State University, Biology

Areas of Expertise

  • Science Education


Jennifer Coble taught high school science before starting a doctoral program in Science Education at UNC Chapel Hill in 2001. She was delighted to be able to be offered a faculty position in 2007 when the UNC-BEST program was first created. Since 2008, Jennifer has taught teaching methods courses for both future high school and college science teachers and has supervised student teachers in local schools. The major questions her students explore in her methods courses are: What are the essential ideas?, What is the real world question? and How can students figure out science phenomena rather than learning about science topics? In 2017, Jennifer integrating Making into her methods course where students make models to depict essential biology phenomena in the Makerspace. This act of modeling topics has been transformative in helping students identifying the truly essential ideas and providing both visual haptic support for abstract concepts in the science curriculum . Jennifer is working to have the models assembled into classroom kits that will be shared with local science teachers.