• Ph.D. 2021 – University of Michigan, Joint Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies Program
  • M.S. 2018 – University of Michigan, Psychology
  • B.A. 2015 – Oakland University, Psychology

Areas of Expertise

  • Black and Brown adolescents’ and emerging adults’ positive and prosocial development
  • Perceptions of neighborhood quality
  • Role and efficacy of mentorship for young people of color


Dr. Kayla Fike examines how young Black and Brown people navigate and respond to legacies of racialized and classed inequity in urban communities, such as community violence, racial discrimination, and public disinvestment in neighborhoods. Her research program highlights ways that young people of color navigate interpersonal and systemic manifestations of discrimination and rely on their resources and skills to come to thrive. In her newest line of research, she examines potential contributing factors to urban-residing young Black adults’ ratings of the quality of their neighborhoods with specific attention to the role of gender. Her research interests stem from her work as a peer mentor for a college readiness program at her undergraduate institution and her life experiences growing up in Detroit and Pontiac, Michigan. She is committed to breaking down the divide between academia and minoritized communities by developing community-university partnerships and using participatory action methodology in the future.