• Ph.D. 2019 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Teacher Education and Curriculum
  • M.Ed 2005- University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Teacher Education and Curriculum
  • B.A 2002- Guilford College, English and Secondary Education

Areas of Expertise

  • Teacher Education
  • Sociocultural/political influences on teaching
  • Teacher Socialization
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • English Education


A former secondary English teacher, Sarah Bausell hopes to help continue moving the fields of teacher education and English education forward in critical, equity centered ways. Sarah has extensive experience coaching and mentoring new teachers as well as supporting practicing teachers in action research related to literacy learning and power imbalances in their classrooms.


Dr. Bausell is a critical-discourse scholar who engages questions related to teacher socialization, teacher development, critical reflection and social-political contexts of teaching and curriculum. This has included a longitudinal, micro-analysis of how high-stakes testing influences beginning teacher socialization and the ways that teacher colleagues shape one another’s responses to these policies; conversational analysis of how new teachers frame and discuss dilemmas of practice related to race; and investigations into critical discourse analysis as a frame for equity-centered professional development models. Currently, Sarah Bausell’s focus is on the active role that listeners and listening play in classroom discourse and in informal learning contexts.