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School of Education offering new elementary mathematics licensure program

The UNC School of Education has become one of the first teacher preparation programs in the state to offer experienced elementary school teachers the opportunity to receive an elementary mathematics add-on license.

The North Carolina Board of Education recently authorized the School to offer the program.

The School is offering two options for teachers, one in which teachers complete a master’s degree and another in which they complete work for only the add-on license.

In either option, the Elementary Mathematics Add-on License program includes six courses totaling 18 graduate credit hours that meet the requirements for the elementary mathematics add-on license and are focused on the mathematical knowledge needed for successful teaching of mathematics at the elementary level. The course format for these specialty courses includes face-to-face and online components and is designed to meet the needs of working professionals.

The application deadline for both programs is March 15.

The M.Ed. option

There are two routes experienced teachers may take to earn the add-on licensure in elementary mathematics through the School of Education.

In this option, students will complete the UNC Master of Education for Experienced Teachers (M.Ed.) program with a specialty in elementary mathematics. Elementary teachers who successfully complete the program requirements earn an M.Ed., the recommendation for master’s level licensure in elementary education, and the elementary mathematics add-on license.

A new cohort for this option begins this summer.

Information about the M.Ed. program, including admissions requirements and application instructions, can be found at

The licensure-only option

Teachers interested in pursuing work only for the add-on license take six specialty courses that are included in the M.Ed. program.

The specialty courses:

  • Number Systems and Operations: K-5 Mathematical Tasks
  • Data Analysis and Measurement: K-5 Classroom Interactions
  • Rational Numbers and Operations: K-5 Learning Trajectories
  • Algebraic Reasoning: K-5 Discourse and Questioning
  • Geometry and Spatial Visualization: K-5 Assessment
  • Mathematical Modeling: K-5 Leadership

Course work for the licensure-only program begins in the fall.

Those interested in applying for the licensure-only program should contact Susan Friel, professor of mathematics education, at for more information and guidance in how to apply.

To be eligible for the elementary mathematics add-on license, candidates must complete a portfolio and a summative assessment of content knowledge. In both options, the program of study is designed to prepare candidates to meet these requirements.

Applications due March 15

The application deadline for both options is March 15. Only completed applications, including the application fee and all supporting documentation, will be considered.

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