Applied Developmental Science and Special Education (ADSSE) Ph.D.

The Applied Developmental Sciences and Special Education Ph.D. concentration/strand provides a rigorous theoretical and interdisciplinary foundation for aspiring scholars driven to advance knowledge about human development from early childhood through adolescence.

Culture, Curriculum, and Teacher Education (CCTE) Ph.D.

The Culture, Curriculum and Teacher Education Ph.D. concentration/strand is designed for scholars and researchers who will study the linguistic, social and cultural contexts of education from classrooms to communities.

Education Ph.D. Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Education offers four concentrations/strands that produce educational researchers trained to interrogate, investigate and meet the challenges facing schools and other educational environments today.

Educational Leadership Ed.D.

The Ed.D. program is designed to equip experienced and practice-focused educational leaders with understandings, skills and knowledge to effectively drive improvement in school systems and other professional settings.

Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies Curriculum Option

The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies prepares students to conduct rigorous, thoughtful, careful and credible qualitative research.

Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Improvement Science and Implementation Curriculum Option

The Graduate Certificate is interprofessional by design. It prepares practicing professionals and degree-seeking students from across education, healthcare, and social services to achieve better outcomes by combining knowledge about “what works” with the know-how for enacting organizational change.

Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies (LSPS) Ph.D.

The LSPS program prepares graduates for research careers developing new understandings of how people learn, how technology can be used to enhance learning, and what classroom designs maximize student learning.

Policy, Leadership, and School Improvement (PLS) Ph.D.

The Ph.D. in Policy, Leadership and School Improvement produces scholars, administrators, and analysts who are prepared to take leadership roles in K-12 systems, universities, research organizations and policy-making bodies.

School Psychology Ph.D.

The School Psychology doctoral program integrates field experience in an intensive program that prepares students as researchers and clinicians proficient in assessment, intervention, prevention, and program development. Graduates are eligible to seek licensure as a psychologist.