Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (MEITE) M.A.

MEITE prepares you to propel the future of educational innovation by combining the learning sciences with the latest advancements in technology to produce high-quality edtech products, services, and content aligned to industry needs.

Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies Curriculum Option

The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies prepares students to conduct rigorous, thoughtful, careful and credible qualitative research.

Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Improvement Science and Implementation Curriculum Option

The Graduate Certificate is interprofessional by design. It prepares practicing professionals and degree-seeking students from across education, healthcare, and social services to achieve better outcomes by combining knowledge about “what works” with the know-how for enacting organizational change.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) M.A.T.

Carolina’s MAT is grounded in rigorous academic and clinical experiences that will help you expand and build your professional knowledge and skills in preparation for becoming an educator.

Master of Education for Experienced Teachers (MEdX) M.Ed.

The ECIFS specialty area of the MEdX program is designed for working early childhood professionals motivated to refine and expand their practice, with options for currently licensed teachers and for those seeking initial licensure.

School Administration M.S.A.

The MSA is designed for educators who are striving to assume leadership positions and to help their communities pursue a vision of educational equity and support for all learners.

School Counseling M.Ed.

Become licensed to be a school counselor through a program that focuses on building students' strengths and advocating for environments that foster positive youth development.