The Applied Developmental Sciences and Special Education Ph.D. concentration/strand is a strong program dedicated to developing a new generation of interdisciplinary scholars who have acquired a rigorous research knowledge base with expertise in a quantitative, mixed method, and single case methodology.

In ADSSE, you will work closely with your advisor and committee members to develop the skills and experiences necessary to work as a leader in a variety of research settings, including institutions of higher education as well as governmental entities at the state or federal level, as well as private research firms.

Throughout the doctoral experience, you will engage in research activities, grant writing, and the dissemination of your research and prevention efforts, such as presenting at local, state, and national conferences, and teaching college-level classes.

Interdisciplinary strengths

Our program is built upon collaborative partnerships with faculty researchers in Allied Health, Psychology, and faculty affiliates at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and the Carolina Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Instruction and programs in schools and with families are a major focus in the study of young children and youth with disabilities. We accomplish this by offering research perspectives in

  • the developmental trajectories of families and children/students from diverse sociocultural backgrounds in the multiple contexts in which they live, including school, home, neighborhoods, and communities
  • evidence-based models of prevention that seek to provide equitable opportunities for learning and successful adjustment for all children by emphasizing education and instruction directed towards individual differences among learners.

Our program focuses on evidence-based models of prevention and intervention providing equitable opportunities for development and learning for all children, youth, and families.

We place a central emphasis on ecologically valid and socioculturally sensitive programs directed toward individual differences among children, youth, and families.

Throughout your program of study, you will engage in multiple research, teaching, and service experiences that are designed to provide you a solid grounding as a researcher.