Research Concentrations / Strands

Applied Developmental Sciences and Special Education (ADSSE)

ADSSE provides a rigorous theoretical and interdisciplinary foundation in developmental science and special education, empowering you to improve the lives of at-risk children and youth and their families, with a focus on serving those from diverse sociocultural backgrounds.

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Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies (LSPS)

Join a community of learning sciences researchers who develop and test new approaches to learning — in classrooms, online, or with virtual, portable, networked or augmented technologies — so that the schools can more effectively teach students what they need to know.

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Policy, Leadership, and School Improvement (PLS)

As a doctoral student in PLS you will collaborate with internationally renowned scholars, engaging in coursework and developing a research agenda aligned with your interests and addressing today’s important and contested issues in education.

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Culture, Curriculum, and Teacher Education (CCTE)

Prepare to become an interdisciplinary scholar, advocating for change as an innovative and transformational leader in educational research and practice, engaging with teachers, school leaders, university students and your community.

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