Improvement Science and Implementation at a Glance


January – July 2023


Sept. 15, 2022

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Non-degree, certificate program.

Best for

Current graduate students and practicing professionals (non degree-seeking) looking to enhance their know-how for enacting transformative change within organizations and systems.

Program Length

3 courses (9 credit hours)

Program Design

Designed with professional students and in-practice professionals in mind, the certificate program is a blended program designed to be completed in 7 months, with on-line asynchronous lessons and 6-8 weekends (Friday evening and Saturday) of face-to-face project-based learning.

Estimated Program Cost

The cost of the program follows the campus model for all programs, meaning tuition is assessed on a per credit hour basis while fees are a flat rate. If you plan to enroll as a degree seeking student, you will pay the same rate as for the other classes in your degree program – visit this site to view the costs of various degree programs on campus. And, remember that graduate tuition is capped at nine credit hours per semester, meaning that you should not pay for credit hours beyond nine. If you are a North Carolina resident planning to enroll as a non-degree seeking student, the current tuition rate for nine credit hours is $5,276 with a fee rate of $258.15. The current Non-Resident Tuition rate for nine hours is $14,422 with the same fee rate.

Program Contact

Prof. Lora Cohen-Vogel