• Ph.D. 2015 – University of Chicago, Public Policy
  • M.P.P. 2008 – University of Chicago, Public Policy
  • B.A. 2004 – University of Texas at Austin, Government and History


Lauren Sartain studies a range of topics in urban education policy. She is interested in understanding the policies and practices that have positive effects on the lives of students and adults in school buildings. She is a product of public schools herself, spending her K-12 and college years in public schools in the state of Texas. Those experiences have led her to work on issues related to equitable access to quality public schools for all children.


Lauren Sartain is a quantitative researcher, using experimental and quasi-experimental methods to understand the impacts of policy changes on students, teachers, and administrators. She has published and presented on a wide range of topics, including teacher quality, school choice and school quality, and discipline reform. While Lauren believes it is critical to apply rigorous methods to answer important policy questions, strong research only goes so far. Being able to take key findings and communicate them in a way that is meaningful for families, practitioners, and policymakers is also essential and at the heart of making research findings actionable.