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‘Three career paths for educational innovators – How to get there and where the jobs are’

Lisa Dawley, director of the Master’s in Educational Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MEITE) program, describes three possible career paths for “educational innovators” in an article published by EdSurge.

“Educational innovators can come from any background and be any age,” Dawley writes in the article. “In our program, we see educators, principals, business people, computer scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, people who work in non-profits, recent undergraduates, and more. As George Couros explains it, innovation is a mindset.”

Dawley directs the MEITE program, a professional master’s program in which students learn about developing new educational technologies that are based on understandings of learning science and how to bring new products to the marketplace.

In the EdSurge article, Dawley describes the work of people who are creating new educational technologies, and then describes three career pathways for educational innovators:

  • Learning Innovation Designer, an emerging type of instructional designer with an emphasis on designing learning innovations from a student perspective.
  • Learning Innovation Leader, someone who started as a teacher of instructional designer who is ready to assume leadership roles in educational innovation.
  • “Edupreneurs,” people who may have worked in educational settings and are interested in developing a business.

Dawley describes how the MEITE program has a curriculum designed so that it can be customizable to help these types of people obtain knowledge and skills and to reach new career goals.

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