Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Cultural Studies and Literacies

Candice Powell
Candice Powell

In my career, I will promote academic thriving and graduation equity for all undergraduate students through administrative leadership, teaching, research, and writing focused on intersections of race, gender, class, power, identity, agency, and institutional responsibility.

Xinxin Wang
Xinxin Wang

I am concerned with one of the ultimate problems of humankind – the liberation of humanity. Ignoring students’ cultural assets and knowledge in the classroom and taking students as “objects” rather than conscious beings are a process of dehumanizing students. Not limited to the education of international students, social injustice will always exist in education and other aspects of society if educators and students don’t pursue the ultimate goal of humanization in the teaching and learning process. An ideal education should also be an approach to humanization.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Applied Developmental Sciences and Special Education

Jordan McNeil Lukins
Jordan McNeill Lukins

I will propel the world by challenging deficit paradigms in special education and equipping educators with the tools and skills to effectively teach, include, and empower all students with disabilities.

Elizabeth Reynolds

Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Policy, Leadership and School Improvement

Charles Midthun

James Sadler
James Sadler

Doctor of Philosophy in Education: School Psychology

Ashley Currin
Erin Raashel Jones
Clare Kordyback
Courtney Kwan

Doctor of Education: Curriculum and Instruction

Hana Baskin
Crystal R. Harden
Lini Ge Polin

Doctor of Education: Educational Leadership

Sheliah Kristen Burnette