The Human Development & Family Science undergraduate program has been recognized by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) as a program offering coursework that fulfills the requirements for the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential.

If you are interested in pursuing CFLE certification, you must complete the required  coursework (see below) plus an internship. Upon graduation, you will qualify to apply for your CFLE certification through the CFLE-Approved Program Application.

About Family Life Education

Family Life Education is the practice of equipping and empowering family members to develop knowledge and skills that enhance well-being and strengthen interpersonal relationships through an educational, preventive, and strengths-based approach (NCFR). More about Family Life Education.

Career Opportunities

Family Life Educators work in a variety of settings, including health care, community education, faith communities, junior and senior high schools, colleges and universities, social service agencies, corporate settings, government agencies, corrections, retirement communities, and the military, and more. Read more about the job market for CFLEs.

Certification Process

Applicants must apply online through the CFLE-approved program application process within two years of graduation, and all courses on the checklist must have been completed no more than seven years prior to graduation.

Applicants eligible to apply through the CFLE-approved program process DO NOT need to take the CFLE exam.

In order to qualify to apply for CFLE certification, you must:

  • complete the coursework listed below;
  • submit an official transcript;
  • complete the NCFR requirements (update your profile, sign the code of ethics, etc.);
  • pay an application fee;

In addition, if you are pursuing full certification, you must provide documentation of work experiences and employment verification.

See full details about the above application requirements.


Core Courses

(Required and offered in Fall and Spring)

  • EDUC 181: Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies
  • EDUC 403: Families and Communities in Diverse Context for Children
  • EDUC 405: Parenting and Family Life Education
  • EDUC 532: Human Development and Learning or EDUC 401: Child Development and EDUC 501: Adolescent and Adult Development
  • EDUC 583: Career and Professional Development
  • EDUC 698: Internship in Human Development and Family Studies

Leadership Requirement

(Fall only)

  • EDUC 480: Resource Management for Individuals and Families (restricted to majors)

Diversity Requirement

(Offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer)

  • EDUC 375: Identity and Sexuality

Concentration and General Electives

  • EDUC 325: Introduction to Counseling and Coaching (Fall/Spring)
  • EDUC 605: Family Systems (Spring only)
  • EDUC 480: Resource Management for Individuals and Families (restricted to majors)
  • EDUC 375: Identity and Sexuality


Contact Dr. Helyne Frederick if you have questions or want more information about pursuing a CFLE certification.

Phone: (919) 962-9855

Certified Faculty

The following School of Education faculty are Certified Family Life Educators.

Dr. Helyne Frederick

Dr. Yuliana Rodriguez