• M.S.H.R. 2015 – Western Carolina University, Human Resources


Catherine Vorick is passionate about human resources as it serves and promotes the most important resource of any organization – its people! Hardworking, innovative, positive, and productive employees are the backbone of every organization, and every position plays a valuable role in the success or failure of an organization. In her opinion, an ideal HR professional demonstrates high ethical conduct; maintains confidentiality; is approachable, accessible, and available; possesses a curious nature and a desire to learn; understands and communicates policies and procedures clearly; and serves both the employees and management. She believes that HR is a strategic partner for management by assisting in planning for the organization’s future and growth, while also looking after the welfare of the workforce through assuring a good work environment, encouraging professional growth, and promoting work/life balance. Catherine has been at UNC for over 20 years and has focused exclusively on human resources for over 10 years, obtaining five certifications and a master’s degree during that time. She is a dedicated human resources professional and her desire is to serve the School to the best of her ability.