• 2021 – North Carolina State University, NCSU Graduate Certificate in Counselor Education
  • Ph.D. 2015 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Educational Psychology
  • M.A. 2007 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, E.C.I.L.
  • B.A. 1992 – University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Expertise

  • Self-Regulated Learning
  • Motivation
  • Literacy
  • Learning Differences


Leigh A. Hutchison currently serves in an administrative role managing the School Counseling M.Ed. and School Psychology Ph.D. Programs in the School of Education. She has an extensive background in education with specialized training in literacy interventions, and worked for many years to provide effective interventions for students with learning differences, while also completing graduate work in Educational Psychology. She enjoys working with students and faculty in the areas of both education and mental health, and has recently completed additional graduate work, to also earn a Graduate Certificate in Counselor Education.