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Fouad Abd El Khalick directory image

Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
Dean & Professor

Research: Curriculum and Instruction; Teaching and Teacher Education; STEM Education
Office: Peabody 101
Harriet Able directory image

Harriet Able
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies

Research: Teaching and Teacher Education; Special Education; Child and Human Development
Office: Peabody 301D
David Churchill directory image

David Churchill
Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations

Office: Peabody 107A
Leslie Deslis directory image

Leslie Deslis
Assistant Dean for Development

Office: Peabody 101D
Jill Hamm directory image

Jill Hamm
William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Education
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development

Research: Child and Human Development; Learning Sciences
Office: Peabody 101C
Diana Lys directory image

Diana B. Lys
Assistant Dean for Educator Preparation and Accreditation
Clinical Assistant Professor

Research: Teaching and Teacher Education
Office: Peabody 103
Patti Spillane directory image

Patricia M. Spillane
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Office: Peabody 101H
Caroline Weaver directory image

Caroline Weaver
Executive Assistant

Office: Peabody 101F