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WUNC profiles ‘Pathway to Practice’ program

“Pathway to Practice,” the program for lateral entry teachers established by the School of Education and NC State’s College of Education, is the subject of a story aired on public radio station WUNC.

“Pathway to Practice” is an online program designed to be more convenient for working lateral entry teachers.

Click here if you are interested in learning more from N.C. Department of Public Instruction about becoming a lateral entry teacher.

WUNC profiled Cyrus Henson, a lateral entry math teacher in Caldwell County who has struggled in the past to complete coursework to obtain licensure. He discovered the “Pathway to Practice” program and joined its first cohort in October.

“Even though I have only been working on it for a few weeks, it is a lot more efficient. It is a lot more practical,” Henson told WUNC, adding that he’s already learned things that he’s been apply to with his students.

Henson also describes how the self-paced program fits into his life.

“I was able to come in on my own time, on my own terms and not have to worry about sitting in a class, making sure I have an assignment done by this particular date. I was actually able to put in more thought without worrying about just having to get it done,” Henson said.

“Pathway to Practice” draws on expertise from faculty at the two campuses in the areas of teacher preparation, online and distance education, and competency-based instructional models.

North Carolina employs more than 4,300 lateral entry teachers, according to a 2015 report by the State Board of Education. More than 850 of them work in school districts near the UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State campuses.

The program initially will offer preparation in the content areas mathematics, science, English/language arts and social studies for teachers in grades 6-12. Organizers expect the program to be expanded in the future to offer a preparation program in special education.

More details about the program are here.