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Patrick Akos listed among top counseling researchers

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Patrick Akos, professor of school counseling and school psychology, is listed as one of the top scholars of counseling research in a review of 18 years of publications in the field.

The review sought to identify the most productive scholars in counseling, represented by the number of articles published in 23 peer-reviewed journals in the field of counseling during the period 2000 through 2017. Akos was included in the review’s list of 34 top scholars, a group that represents only 5% of the total of researchers included in the review.

The review, which examined more than 21,000 journal author entries, was conducted by a team led by Amanda Evans of James Madison University.

Akos, who joined the School of Education in 2001, conducts research on school and career transitions as well as strengths-based counseling approaches.

Evans, A., Grey, C., Hanks, M., Barker, K., Sutton, M., Rogers, J., & Thomas, C. (2021). Research informs practice: An 18 year content analysis of authorship in counseling journals. The Wisconsin Counseling Journal.

He serves as a trustee of the National Career Development Association and served as a director of the American School Counseling Association from 2013-2016. He was an Academic Affairs fellow with the UNC System office from 2016-2018, and has served on the board of directors of the Epilepsy Alliance North Carolina.

He was recognized as the American School Counselor Association’s Counselor Educator of the Year in 2004.

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By Michael Hobbs