A Leading Program Distinguished from the Rest

UNC’s MEITE program is one of the first-established programs of its kind. Our graduates form a tight-knit community while in the program, and they continue to access that community as they launch ventures, gain employment, and propel the world through educational innovation. Plus, with a renowned faculty and strong connections with industry professionals, our students are well-positioned for professional success upon graduation.

Built on Collaborations

Based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, MEITE is built upon collaborations that enable you to work with distinguished faculty, leading entrepreneurs, and industry experts to invent the future of education.

MEITE’s coursework will be customized to your own interests within the fields of the learning sciences, educational technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. While the program is housed in the School of Education, students have the option of taking courses in the Kenan-Flagler Business School, the School of Information and Library Science, and the Department of Computer Science, among other academic units across campus.

Open to Students with Diverse Experiences

MEITE appeals to a wide variety of adult students who have experience in schools, museums, nonprofits, educational corporations, universities, school districts, and other areas. Our students often have experience working with educational technologies, training, or design, and this professional degree program does not require a prior degree or credential in education nor computer programming skills.

Career Pathways

The educational technology industry is comprised of many professional opportunities for employment offered by a variety of organizations including technology startups, business accelerators and incubators, edtech companies, digital marketing firms, technology providers, offices of innovation, corporate training departments, curriculum development departments, textbook companies, schools, universities, makerspaces, community organizations, and research and development teams. With such a wide array of professional opportunities, the MEITE program features pathways for careers in education technology, innovation, and beyond!

Once admitted, you will work with the Program Director to identify the best pathway for you and your professional goals.

Driven with a Passion for Leading

Our students have a passion for innovation, for trying something new, for piloting, and for systematically analyzing what works and what doesn’t so they can make improvements. We are change agents, game changers, dream builders, and disruptors. We are not satisfied with the status quo.

When you complete the MEITE program, you will be on a path for a career in the field of educational technology and innovation!