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Pre-2015 Cohort of Study

The program of studies, i.e., the courses and curriculum for the Ph.D. in Education, Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies (LSPS), is a minimum of 60 credit hours, made up of 4 parts:

Prerequisite Courses

The following credit hours are prerequisite courses for the required core courses that follow.

  • EDUC 710: Statistical Analysis of Educational Data, 4 hrs
  • EDUC 817: Introduction to Educational Research, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 830: Field Techniques in Educational Research, 3 hrs

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LSPS Core Courses

You are required to complete the following 29 credit hours for the LSPS strand:

  • EDUC 784: Statistical Analysis of Educational Data II, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 824: Research Design, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 829: Applied Measurement Theory for Education, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 871: Design-Based Research, 3  hrs
    (satisfies advanced methods course requirements)
  • EDUC 915: Introduction to Learning Sciences, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 918: Introduction to Cognitive Science and Sociocultural Perspectives on Learning, 3 hrs
  • EDUC 919: Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments, 1-3 hrs
    (currently EDUC 890-001)
  • EDUC 990: Supervised Research, 4-6 hrs
    (4 credits minimum. If approved by advisor/POS committee, can be repeated for up to an additional 6 hours as substitute for advanced elective requirements)

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Concentration Courses

Concentration courses are designed to deepen your knowledge in a chosen area of specialization. You can take at least two of these courses outside of the School of Education.

Areas of specialization within the LSPS program are:

  • Science Learning and Instruction;
  • Mathematics Learning and Instruction;
  • Learning Out of School;
  • Quantitative/Evaluative Methods;
  • Cognitive and Learning Sciences;
  • Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments

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Dissertation Course

  • EDUC 994: Doctoral Research and Dissertation, 6 hrs

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