Choosing a placement site

During the first summer session in the program, students are asked to specify their preference for a primary placement level (elementary, middle or high school) for their field experiences (EDUC 766 and EDUC 705). The majority of training experiences are completed in this placement site, although additional field experiences at different levels and/or different schools are completed to supplement and broaden training for K-12 licensure.

Field experiences usually occur within a 40-mile radius of Chapel Hill, and students are expected to provide their own transportation to field sites.

What you’ll gain from the experience

You will spend three days per week at your school placement for the entire academic year. Thus, you are given the opportunity to experience the complete school-year at their placement sites. Because of the field experience requirements, you will follow the calendar of the school district rather than the University’s calendar.

During the field experiences, supervision is provided:

  • on an individual basis from a practicing school counselor (a site supervisor)
  • on an individual and/or triadic basis from university program faculty member (a university supervisor)
  • in a group of peers run by university program faculty member (practicum and internship)

You must demonstrate knowledge and competencies in a variety of areas which include promoting academic, career, and personal/social development though individual and group counseling, classroom guidance and systemic work. During the placement, a minimum of 700 hours in the field must be accumulated and documented, 280 of which are in direct service to students, teachers, and parents.

You are required to complete a criminal background check before beginning work in their field experience. All students are provided with professional liability insurance before beginning field experiences by UNC Chapel Hill.