Jennifer Coble directory image

Jennifer Coble
Teaching Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, UNC-BEST

Research: Curriculum and Instruction; Teaching and Teacher Education
Office: Wilson 110
Jennifer Diliberto directory image

Jennifer A. Diliberto
Clinical Associate Professor
UNC Teaching Fellows Director

Research: Curriculum and Instruction; Teaching and Teacher Education; Language, Literacy, and Reading; Special Education; Equity
Office: Peabody 3010D
Audrey Fulton directory image

Audrey Fulton
Director of Undergraduate Advising and Student Engagement

Office: Peabody 1028E
Jia Heiny directory image

Jia Heiny
Program Administrative Support Specialist

Office: Peabody 2092B

Additional Associated Faculty

Alice Churukian stands in front of a bookcase. She is a white woman with curly black hair, wearing glasses and a turtleneck sweater.

Alice Churukian Teaching Associate Professor in Physics

Office: Phillips 178
Megan Plenge is a white woman with wavy brown hair. She is standing in front of a gray background wearing a blue shirt.

Megan F. Plenge Teaching Assistant Professor

Office: Mitchell 105

Miranda Thomas Teaching Assistant Professor in Mathematics

Office: Phillips 346