What aid is available?

The School of Education and the University offer a range of financial support for graduate students. We also encourage you to apply for fellowships available through national, regional, and other foundation sources.

Types of Graduate Financial Aid

  • University fellowships and assistantships
  • Work-study assistantships
  • Departmental assistantships
  • Fellowships and other awards sponsored through federal, state and private grants
  • GI benefits
  • Student Loans

Many of these opportunities are merit-based and may have specific eligibility criteria including excellent grades, test scores, and if applicable, examples of scholarly writing, prior experience, or faculty nominations/support. Some awards are restricted to incoming graduate students; please review eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for Aid

There are multiple ways to apply for aid. You can seek funding via the School of Education, the UNC Graduate School Funding, Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.

For School of Education Aid

We offer a variety of assistantships, scholarships, fellowships and awards.

To be considered for a School of Education scholarship, fellowship or award, you must have already been accepted as a graduate student. For more information see How to Apply for School of Education Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards.

For UNC Graduate Student Aid (across the university)

For Graduate School awards university-wide fellowships and assistantships, including the:

Many of these awards have specific eligibility criteria.

For Federal-based Aid, including federal student loan and work-study

The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid administers federal work-study assistantships and federal student loans.

Additional Assistance

You can also get help from the Graduate Funding Information Center (GFIC). GFIC provides assistance to current and prospective UNC-Chapel Hill graduate in identifying funding sources for graduate research and study.