See the University Cashier for updated Tuition & Fee rates for a specific academic year.

Tuition is dependent on the number of credit hours you take each semester and your residency.

About Licensure-Only Tuition

Because our licensure-only programs do not lead to a degree, they fall under the “Off-Campus Programs” Classification.

Birth-Kindergarten/Pre-Kindergarten (BK/Pre-K) and School Administration Tuition & Fees

Fees for off-campus licensure-only students are $16.42 for academic year 2020-2021.

All rates below include fees.

The Birth-Kindergarten add-on licensure requires 21-22 credit hours.

The Pre-Kindergarten add-on licensure requires 18-19 credit hours.

Tuition & Fees for In-state Residents

$253.42 per credit hour

Tuition & Fees for Out-of-state Residents

$1,171.42 per credit hour

Pathway to Practice NC Tuition & Fees

The tuition and fees for P2PNC are separate from the university’s tuition and fee rates. See the P2PNC website for more information.