• Ph.D. 2017 – Virginia Tech, Human Development
  • M.A. 2013 – Hofstra University, Marriage & Family Therapy
  • B.A. 2006 – Indiana University, Gender Studies

Areas of Expertise

  • Couple & Family Therapy
  • Human Sexuality & Sex Therapy
  • Online Dating & Behavior
  • Family Systems Theories


Dr. Riger’s roles as clinician and educator are grounded in family systems thinking, valuing the reciprocal processes that govern human relationships above all else. Her overarching goal is to utilize clinical and pedagogical processes to help her clients and students gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the systems they live in, to develop compassion for self and others, and to increase differentiation of self. She utilizes her applied family science background to help students make practical connections between course content and direct work with individuals, couples, and families.


Dr. Riger’s research is largely qualitative and primarily concerned with the role that technology plays in directing and restraining dyadic and family relationships. She has explored the effects of technology on romantic relationships, themes in identity development on pseudo-anonymous digital platforms, as well as technology-assisted interventions used by couple and family therapists and their clients. Her current research focuses on the stigmatized narratives of meeting partners on dating sites/apps.