The MEITE internship is designed to further prepare you with the skills, experiences, and dispositions needed to thrive in the field of educational innovation. It is an impactful component of the MEITE program that our students highly value.

Every semester we contact multiple educational organizations in the Research Triangle to identify where innovative projects and opportunities are happening. Students then collaborate with the MEITE Program Director to identify an internship placement that best aligns to their professional goals. This collaboration is essential because the Director draws from these conversations to inform the internship placement Examples of places where MEITE students have interned include:

  • Technology startups,
  • Business accelerators and incubators,
  • EdTech companies,
  • Digital marketing firms,
  • Technology providers,
  • Offices of innovation,
  • Corporate training departments,
  • Curriculum development departments,
  • Textbook companies,
  • K-12 public and charter schools,
  • Universities,
  • Makerspaces,
  • Community organizations,
  • Research and development teams.

Workplace and virtual internships can be considered. You are encouraged to share additional ideas for a potential internship placement with the Program Director.

The internship placement typically lasts two semesters. You will spend eight hours interning per week during the fall and spring semesters. You will also have opportunities to debrief with your cohort mates, who are also completing their internships, about your experiences.