About the Awards

Outstanding Young Alumnus Award
This award recognizes a recent graduate who has shown outstanding leadership and/or exceptional commitment to the education of children.  The recipient of this award personifies the mission of the School of Education by emphasizing the interconnectedness of homes, schools, and communities through both professional and volunteer work.

Previous Recipients: Sara-Elizabeth Caroline Senseney, William P. Jackson, Jackie Eunjung Relyea, Laura Bilbro-Berry, Christina C. Arnette, Tate O. Gould, Christina M. Bowling, Alvera J. Lesane, Travis E. Lewis, Patricia A. Cotham, Enrique G. Murillo, Briana Marie Corke, Nicole Gina Pfleger, Cynthia Parlow Cone, Elaine Marie Townsend, Cynthia Demetriou, Mallory Gwen Nickel, and Shanda Twanice Hamm.

Excellence in Teaching Award
Recognizes a teacher whose creativity and knowledge of a discipline have been expressed through the development of an innovative and compelling curriculum. The recipient will exemplify the arts of teaching that School programs support.

Previous Recipients: Barbie Garayua Tudryn, John Waszak, Darlene C. Ryan, Sofia Villenas, Mitzi Safrit, Kathy Foster Durham, Leslie White Baldwin, Jan Schuettpelz, Diane Yendell Day, Cynthia Cole Rigsbee, John Scott Westefeld, Matthew M. Sears, Jason Lawrence Painter, John Claude Bemis, Fred P. Crouch II, Shane John Arce, Robert Berry III, Lisa Brown Godwin, and Angela Panel Scioli.

Distinguished Leadership Award
Recognizes exceptional service in furthering the mission and programs of the School. The recipient will have demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing the learning opportunities available to the School’s community of alumni, faculty and students.

Previous Recipients: Rodney N. Trice, Elena L. Ashburn, Kristal Moore Clemons, Geraldine House, Senator Howard N. Lee, Elson S. Floyd, Howard Maniloff, Craig Phillips, Dan G. Lunsford, James G. Merrill, Nancy Jane Farmer, Samuel H. Holton, Thomas James, Barbara Holland Chapman, Musette Sprunt Morgan, David Augustus Martin, Robert Wendell Eaves Jr., Frank Comfort, Carol Elaine Flynn Malloy, J. Michael Ortiz, Zoe Woodell Locklear, Muriel Thomas Summers, and Van O’Dell Dempsey III.

Alumni Achievement Award
Recognizes exceptional achievement of an alumnus/a who personifies the School’s commitment to support diverse and democratic communities in order to improve education in the state and nation for all children and the adults who care for them. Through exceptional accomplishments, this individual will have earned recognition and brought distinction to this alma mater.

Previous Recipients: Patrick C. Miller, Clyde Edgerton, William C. Self, Charles R. Coble, Zollie Stevenson Jr., Lane S. Anderson III, H. Dickson Corbett III, Henry L. Johnson, Roy A. Williams, Maureen Moczek Hartford, Barnett Wayne Berry, Malbert Smith III, Robert Bradley, Edwin Dunlap Jr., Wilma Cecilia Peebles-Wilkins, Sharon Rose Powell, Cynthia Thompson Rudolph, Betty Lou Whitford, Karen Ann Erickson, Clarence N. York, Janice Oelrich Davis, Luis Urrieta Jr., Benjamin James Matthews, Iris Roshfeld Weiss, Ronald Thayer Haskins, Amy M. Rickard, Tracy Savell Weeks, Paula Myrick Short, Rick Jay Short, Ronald Conrad Miller, and Rebecca Kneedler.

Excellence in Innovation Award

Recognizes innovation in the entrepreneurial environment of education. The recipient of this award has demonstrated exceptional accomplishments as an entrepreneur utilizing skills obtained in their study and association with the School of Education.

Previous Recipients: Moise Antun Khayrallah.

Peabody Award
Recognizes an outstanding individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to the field of education. The recipient will have demonstrated a sustained and significant commitment to improving education in North Carolina and/or across the nation.

Previous Recipients: Sarah E. Parker, W. Gerry Hancock Jr., Governor James B. Hunt Jr., Phillip C. Schlechty, Governor Gaston Caperton, Betty L. Siegel, William C. Friday and Ida Howell Friday, Dean E. Smith and Linnea Weblemoe Smith, Julius L. Chambers, H. Martin Lancaster, Howard Manning Jr, William R. McNeal, James John Gallagher, Thomas Willis Lambeth, Edward Eugene Causby (posthumously), Dudley E. Flood, Alisa Chapman, and Maurice “Mo” Green.