The Alumni Council is a volunteer advisory group for the School of Education’s alumni constituency.

Comprised of at least 20 members — which includes four officers, the dean of the School and two faculty members — the Council is structured to provide the broadest possible representation of School alumni and to provide the School of Education with the greatest access to the wisdom and experience of alumni.

The term of office for Council officers is two years. The term of office for Council members is three years. The term of office for members who are School faculty members is one year. All terms may be extended based on interest in serving on the board.

The full Council meets two times a year in the fall and spring. Additional meetings may be called for committees as necessary.

All active alumni are eligible to serve on the Council.


Amy Rickard (’94 A.B.Ed., ’00 M.S.A.)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Immediate Past President
Dr. Michael D. Priddy (’70 A.B., ’75 M.Ed., ’81 Ed.D.)
Durham, North Carolina

Past President
Cindi Rigsbee (’79 A.B.Ed., ’03 M.Ed.)
Carolina Shores, North Carolina

Carole Symons Roebuck (’63 A.B.Ed.)
Raleigh, North Carolina 


Dr. Barbara Holland Chapman (’81 Ph.D.)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. Eliz Colbert (’86 B.A., ’95 M.Ed.)
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Belinda Corpening (’72 A.B.Ed., ’73 M.Ed.)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. Ed Dunlap (’79 Ph.D.)
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Dr. Nancy Farmer (’69 A.B.Ed., ’70 M.Ed., ’81 Ed.D.)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. Linda C. Hutchinson-Harmon (’74 M.Ed., ’83 Ph.D.)
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Catherine B. Jenrette (’71 A.B.Ed.)
Charleston, South Carolina

Dr. Lynne Cannon Johnson (’85 A.B.Ed., ’95 M.Ed.)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. Oliver Johnson (’84 Ph.D.)
Smithfield, North Carolina

Arthur Kamiya Jr. (’78 M.A.T.)
Durham, North Carolina

Shea Grisham Linden (’08 A.B.Ed., ’14 M.Ed.)
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Larry Mabe (’93 Ed.D.)
Wilmington, North Carolina

Dr. David A. “Gus” Martin (’73 M.Ed., ’82 Ph.D.)
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Ben Matthews (’71 A.B., ’84 Ph.D.)
Cary, North Carolina

Dr. Mary Faith Mount-Cors (’10 Ph.D.)
Carrboro, North Carolina

Dr. James Overman (’99 M.S.A.)
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Melissa Rasberry (’98 A.B Ed., ’03 M.S.A., ’07 Ed.D.)
Durham, North Carolina

Mitzi Safrit (’89 A.B.Ed.)
Raleigh, North Carolina

Kelli Hayner Smith (’00 M.Ed.)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dr. William P. Steed (’87 Ed.D.)
Advance, North Carolina

Sarah S. Stephens (’09 A.B.Ed.)
Holly Springs, North Carolina

Graduate Student Association Representative 

Amber Majors
President, Graduate Students Association
UNC School of Education

School of Education Staff Representatives

Dr. Fouad Abd-El-Khalick

Megan Garrett (’08 A.B.J.M., ’16 M.P.A.)
Interim Assistant Dean for Development

Morgan Ellis (’07 A.B.J.M.)
Director of Marketing and Annual Giving

Mike Hobbs (’15 Cert. Technology and Communication)
Director of Communications

Laurie Norman (’83 B.S.)
Director of Alumni Relations

Kayla Stewart (’16 BAMJ)
Donor Engagement and Stewardship Officer