Milestone 1: Program of Studies

Program of Studies forms are tools to help you plan your studies and create a course schedule that works for you. You complete your Program of Studies form with your advisor during your first year.

Program of Studies Forms:

Milestone 2: Pre-Comps

Comprehensive Examinations are an opportunity for faculty to assess a student’s areas of expertise and knowledge claims prior to moving forward with a doctoral dissertation. Each program has a slightly different approach to the Comprehensive Exams process, but generally you will complete the pre-comps form during your pre-comps meeting. You can read more about the process here.

Pre-Comps Form:

Milestone 3: Doctoral Exam Report Parts I & II

The Doctoral Exam Report is one form. Complete Parts I & II after your Comprehensive Exams. Complete Parts III & IV after you have defended your Dissertation. The Office of Student Affairs will keep your form on file for you.

Doctoral Exam Report Forms:

Milestone 4: Dissertation and Committee Proposal Form

Once you have completed your Comprehensive Examinations, your Program of Studies committee generally morphs into your Doctoral Committee. At that time you need to complete the Committee Composition form. Part I is used to report committee member names and relevant faculty status. Part II is used to report approval and title of dissertation project.

The Committee Composition form should be on file with the Graduate School before, or filed concurrently with, any action reflecting their approval.

Dissertation Committee Composition Forms:

Milestone 5: Doctoral Exam Report Parts III & IV

Use the same form as above from Milestone 3, which is on file in the Office of Student Affairs.

Complete Parts III & IV after you have defended your Dissertation.