For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students may elect a minor at any point through ConnectCarolina, however we recommend that you discuss any course planning with your advisor before making any changes to your major or minor declaration. Some minors may have additional application instructions.

For Graduate Students

With the approval of the major and minor academic programs, a student may elect to declare a formal minor in any program that offers a graduate degree. The student should submit an approved Minor Declaration Form to The Graduate School.

The minor must comprise at least nine credit hours beyond the major. All credits must be for courses listed (or cross-listed) in programs other than that of the major and cannot also be counted toward the major. A minor may consist of a set of related courses, some of which are listed by one program and some of which are listed by another. In most cases, the minor would not include courses from more than two programs. Only one program name will be listed as granting the minor, and the director of graduate studies in the minor program must agree to accept any courses from outside the minor program offerings.

The minor must be approved in advance by the director of graduate studies in both the major and minor programs. When a satisfactory minor has been planned and approved by both programs, a copy of the proposed minor course of study should be signed by the director of graduate studies in the major and minor programs and sent to The Graduate School to become a permanent part of the student’s record.