For All Students

University Withdrawals

Please refer to the Office of the University Registrar for complete details on how to request a student withdrawal in Connect Carolina.

Medical Withdrawals

All students requesting a medical withdrawal from campus must be processed by Campus Health or Counseling Psychological Services. A student receiving a medical withdrawal may be required to receive medical clearance before being readmitted.

For Undergraduate Students

No academic policies or administrative procedures are in place to grant or monitor a formally recognized Leave of Absence. The Dean of Students Office has more information about how to navigate class or exam absences that may arise due to a significant health condition or personal/family emergency.

If you are an international student, see International Student and Scholar Services for specific information about taking a Leave of Absence.

For Graduate Students


To be eligible for a leave of absence a graduate student must be in good standing, must not have received an extension of the time limit for the degree, and must not have temporary grades of IN or AB on course work taken. Please note, a leave of absence is different from a university withdrawal.

During the leave no formal academic progress can be made.

How to Request a Leave of Absence

  1. In advance of the leave period, complete the Request for Leave of Absence Form.
  2. Submit the form to the Office of Student Affairs via with appropriate sections completed.
    As these forms go through program faculty meetings for review, please be sure to submit well in advance of the requested leave time. In most instances, it takes 30 days to process a leave request.

Graduate students can refer to the Graduate Student Handbook for more information.

For International Students

International students requesting a leave of absence or withdrawing from the University must notify ISSS before the withdrawal or leave of absence is requested, even if the withdrawal or leave is only for one semester or part of a semester. Only ISSS can approve an authorized withdrawal in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). More about taking a leave of absence for international students.