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Commencement 2021

We work on the leading edge of promise

Our world is propelled by people. People who imagine and persevere and create. At the UNC School of Education, we build people’s minds, spirits, and resolve to make the world a better place through education. Our community of scholars, students, staff, and alumni propel the world.

We work to solve pressing problems, to better understand learning, to improve teaching, to redefine what it means to educate lifelong and lifewide. We innovate. We ask and answer tough questions — to ensure that every learner has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

At the UNC School of Education, we Propel the World.

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Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

We empower educators and scholars to lead; to think creatively, act with compassion, and strive for equity and excellence for all. Equipped to succeed in their professions, our graduates emerge as leaders in their institutions and communities, and mindfully contribute toward continually improving and transforming them.

Collaborating for the Greater Good

Advancing Knowledge, Driving Innovation

We produce cutting-edge knowledge and pursue innovative, research-based solutions to the most pressing problems of educational theory, practice, programs, and policy in North Carolina, the nation, and beyond.

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Our faculty members helm some of our fields’ leading journals. Nianbo Dong is associate editor of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Thad Domina co-edits Educational Researcher, Jeff Greene co-edits Educational Psychologist, Dana Griffin serves as associate editor of Professional School Counseling, Sherick Huges co-edits The Urban Review, and Troy Sadler co-edits the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

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